Thursday, January 20, 2011

cuteness. personified.

Anyone who has mentioned the word j-o-b to me in the last two years has heard how much I L-O-V-E mine. My kids are adorable. Seriously. Freaking. Adorable. I have 8 students this year that I have had in years past. That bond is strong. The additional 13 kids that I have gotten the pleasure of teaching this year are also incredible and never cease to make me smile...well, almost never. 

Today we were discussing Grammar: what you learn to make your writing sound better. Yes, right now we're focusing on grammar in writing, not in steps. I have used the example of things they say, "Is we going to lunch yet?" Ummm. Yeah. Baby. Steps. 

So today we discussed Questions vs. Statements. I was giving them an example because they were confused with the "being" verbs (He was running. -they said there was no "what" in his sentence...) so I told them, "I am 26." Immediately one of my girls replied, "But you look young!" Soon backed up by another student, "Really young! You do!" 

Uhhhhh...thanks, guys.  

So also,  today I told my kids that my favorite day this week was Saturday. Some of my sweet, intuitive girls knew that it was because my husband is coming home so they wrote me cards on their own paper. Things like, "Miss Willis, I hope you have a great day on Saturday. I know you've missed him very much..."

and then my favorite one of the day...

"You're the double best teacher I could ever have."

See why my j-o-b is so awesome?

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