Tuesday, January 25, 2011

welcome home...

Dear Husband of Mine,
I love you. Welcome home to domestic bliss. There is a sink overflowing with dishes onto the counter (from before you and I ever left), a million piles of laundry (at least it's clean?), and a newly rearranged living room with everything out of place (or in new places) that you don't recognize...but still not *clean*. Oh, and don't forget those lovely piles of Christmas gifts on the couch I didn't put away. 
But let's remember the things you did miss. You missed my face. Of course you did, right? Well, minus that while you were gone I didn't wear make-up every day and before you left I didn't even shower every day because we weren't going anywhere. 
You probably missed my sweet voice, which has been yelling at kids for a week and a half because we've all caught a horrendous case of cabin fever. 
You probably missed my sweet domestic skills while you were in India, but hey, I did put on our brand-spanking-new-super-comfortable sheets for you when you got home! 
But what I hope you've missed most of all is the fact that having you 3/4 of the way around the world was tough...but it was good. I definitely think that it did us good. We seem better. Maybe that whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder". And now I'm just pathetic enough that I miss you when I leave in the morning, even though I know you'll be home when I get back from work. So I hope you missed my crazy-pathetic-needy-love for you...

And mostly? I hope you missed how good I am at being a homemaker...like last night when I accidentally washed a jar of Dap wall-spackle with our light delicates...

Welcome home, baby!

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