Saturday, January 15, 2011

"oh oh i got a stick and i want your automatic"

Outkast reference, anyone?

I thought so too. So anyway, I was thinking about this song (why?) and realized that driving a stick (at one time) was difficult, terrifying, and horrible. At the same time, it was something I really wanted. My best friend took me out one night (terrified me) and made me drive through parking lots, back roads, and neighborhoods until I got the hang of it. Have I mentioned how my best friend is? Yeah, she basically rocks. 

I realized that this year Chris and I have thought of A MILLION goals we have for this year. Terrifying, as well. We want to find him a FT job, finish up his M.Div., possibly move?, re-paint MOST of our house, purge-purge-PURGE!, organize the crap we already have/still want and set a goal for each month of our year. 

Our January goal will admittedly be behind. We want to finish organizing/cleaning our office (yes, it's one of the rooms we hope to paint but not right this minute) and set up a nice, clean, open workspace for BOTH of us. Chris has school work. I have facebooking bills to keep me occupied. My oh-so-masculine husband looked at the Jan. edition of Better Homes & Gardens and we're trying to be in line with their month-by-month organizing/cleaning goals. Step 1: get the 3 bags of donations out on Jan. 27 when the DAV comes to pick them up. Hopefully I'll have even more bags to donate by then. The other great way we're trying to purge is our lovely FreeCycle network. Seriously. I. Love. This. Fellow Freecycler, Jennifer, freecycled me some BEAUTIFULLY colored hanging file folders. True sign of nerdiness awesome? Getting excited about hanging files. Indeed.

Anyway, as terrified as I am about these upcoming goals, I remember how difficult it was to learn to drive a stick shift (or wear a pointy-toed heel after years of the chunky, rubber-soled, round- and square-toed shoes of the mid-90s) and realize that I would, actually, NEVER want to drive an automatic (if I have the choice) and that my legs look better in pointy-toed heels & boots (and even flats)!

Happy Resolute-ing and goal-meeting in 2011!

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  1. I tried learning a stick at 16 and never got the hang of it, tried again 8 years later on my hubby's jeep and still couldn't get it, then I bought a car with a stick and had no choice but to learn, on a brand new transmission it was so easy, now I love driving a stick and it makes me feel so powerful!