Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i am forgetful.

I wanted to share two things about my breed of crazy: #1- I love...let me repeat...LOVE my students this year so much that I had a dream this weekend that they were in 5th grade and I was still their teacher (yet somehow in present-day) and I was writing them all letters at the end of the year telling them about the people I knew they were and who they could proud I was of them, etc. Anyway, I ended up sobbing because I loved them, threatening them if they didn't email me throughout middle and high school, and waking myself up because I was so emotional. Then I felt even more guilty for taking off Friday. Personal days and I just can't work. I have guilt like the Catholic Church (no offense, Catholics, just a cliche).

#2- I love to share stories even if EVERY other teacher in the world has experienced them. So here goes, they're special-er and cuter because they're MY kids. :) So I have a student who was gone for 3 weeks because he went to Mexico for a family situation and then had a crappy situation when they got home too. It was really sad and he didn't deserve to have a crappy month of February. However, it all worked out and he's back at school and everything's working out for them. Yay!
Anyhow, he came to my back table to ask me a question the other day because he needed something...or something? I don't remember the particulars. However, he came back and said, "Hey Ms. Havens...I really missed you."...and I said, "When, [insert male student name]?"...and he said, "I really missed you when you were over here and I was at my desk working. I just missed you."


I love my kids. :)

xoxo. gossip girl? haha, no. just me. well...there are def. times in my life that nickname would've worked, but alas, I'm supposed to be a grown-up now. ;)

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