Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"a simpler way to ship"

Bull. Crap. Seriously, I have never heard such bull crap. You know why the United States Postal Service is NOT a simpler way to ship?! THEY CLOSE AT 4-FREAKING-30!

Honestly, how are you at all government-funded when you don't open until 9:30 and you close at 4:30. I'll admit that I should've sent F.S. off sooner...and I wanted to be a better steward of my F.S., but I didn't get myself together. I hope I don't ruin any Kazakh child's life because of it. I feel terrible...because I absolutely adored my F.S. experience.

Anyhow, I RACE down Jefferson-Bland-Warwick-Hiden Blvd to get to the post office and walk in at 4:29...and the curtains have been closed. Seething is not even the word.

So I realized the UPS store would be my only option, "What can brown do you for you?" and all that crap. Luckily, Karen @ the UPS store was the and she helped me out quickly and gave me two 1-cent stamps since I haven't bought stamps in ages and mine are still 42 cents. So then...THEN I almost forget to mail the F.S. in the first place because I got so excited about mailing the albums. No worries, got it handled. Express shipped. Ballin'.

Best part...coming up...

I go to get in my car, turn it on, look to the right...USED PAPERBACK BOOK STORE!!!!!!!!! I had completely forgotten that Bethanne told me that the used books were here because I never head that way. SO! I went in and paid $14 for used paperbacks that I would've paid $42 for at the store. HECK YES! Lucky for me, they give you one free book your first time. Yes, that's right. I was a PI(Paperbacks Ink) virgin. Virgin, no more, my friends! I bought 3 great books (woo hoo--on the way to 100!) and got another free book coupon since I spent over $13. ALSO, you get a stamp on your user card for ever $10 you spend. So...I got lots of book-ish goodness and I also got book-ish goodness to use in the future...NOT TO MENTION I can trade books in! Woo hoo!

All in all...fabulous turn of events...and Stanley's on his way back to Omarserik! :)

7 days 'til Spring Break!


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  1. Love your blog, Love your student story and of course I love the beach pictures but.... most of all.....I Love YOU! XOXOXO Mommy