Saturday, October 8, 2011

my lady.

Some of you may have immediately thought this post was about my mom, my grandmother, my new dog (it's not, still dog-less), or even my favorite clerk at the grocery store. Alas, it's more inappropriate than that. 

You see, yesterday was my yearly doctor's appointment. Yes, THAT kind of yearly appointment. Don't worry, potential gentlemen followers, this does not get graphic...just embarrassing. 
I went to my doctor's office, which I L-O-V-E-LOVE, and got called back to get my weight/height measured (ugh) and my blood pressure taken. The nurse taking my blood pressure was SO NICE. Seriously, she was super friendly. After asking the name of my GP, we got to talking about how wonderful my GP is (seriously, best doctor ever) and how much we love her. I was really excited that this nurse had the same general doctor as me because...she's the greatest ever. 
So, my nurse practitioner comes in and we do the breast exam and start talking about my job. She asked me all about my students and said, "Oh! So you teach all the kids with no teeth?" So true. Anyway, she asks me to scoot down so we can get started on the exam. All of the ladies know they typically call in a nurse. Sure enough, she calls in the same nurse who took my blood pressure. **This is the ridiculous part.** The nurse comes back in, cheery as ever, and says, "Oh! I knew you looked familiar! You teach at [insert the name of my school here]! I'm Cruz & Diego's grandmother!" Then, to the doctor, "She's taught my grandsons for three years in a row!"

Let that sink in. 
My only possible response, "Ooooh! Well, you now know me better than anyone else at [school]." Yup. You've seen my lady. Don't get me wrong, I realize that, to them, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. But for me? This was a little bit horrific. There was no need to get another nurse, she was already holding things and had seen behind the sheet. But really? Oh man. The best part was, on the way out the door, "Make sure you tell the boys that Nonna says 'hi'!" 

Sure will. I really hope they don't understand where you work. 
***I am hoping (fingers are literally crossed, which makes it riDICulous to type) to move my blog and be better about blogging so PUH-LEEEASE (with cherries on top) follow me once I tell you where I move. :) I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather!***


  1. Literally laughed out loud. Just. so. good. Tell Cruz and Diego that your lady says "hi" to Nonna.

  2. um, i've never had a nurse. i guess i should be glad though based on this story.