Saturday, April 9, 2011


Typically, being "halfway" to something isn't that inspiring. Typically, it means you still have JUST AS MUCH time/work ahead of you as you've already completed. 

Sometimes, half is lucky. Today is that day. 

Today is April 9, 2011. We are halfway between October 9, 2010 and October 9, 2011. Hallelujah.  Most of you probably do not know, but today is my 6-month-aversary with my amazingly-wonderful-so-good-it-still-shocks-me-after-knowing-him-for-6.5-years husband. Yup. That's the one. 

So, my sweet husband, thank you. I mean, really. Today we had the L-O-O-O-O-N-G-E-S-T yard sale day, ever. EVER (until next week?). You were a freaking. champ. Yes. A champ. I've said THE MOST RIDICULOUS things this week/weekend. I mean, ridiculous. I've been totally looney/loopy/can't think of any more "loo" words...but if there are some? I've been them. Spring break went to my head. You have just giggled, said nice things, and patted me. I don't mind the patronizing gestures. You could call me a dumb...well, you know. But you don't.

On top of all that, you helped me dig a cat grave and then listened to me whine about my GDTs (Grave-Digging-Thighs: yes friends, they do exist). Basically, you let your out of shape wife try to dig in rocky clay/dirt until she couldn't do it anymore. You let her swing the axe-thingy and try to jump on the shovel until she was so exhausted that she couldn't even deal with it and then asked, yes, you realized my control/closure issues and asked me if you could help. You are a God-send. I don't say that lightly. But then, when you knew you could've done it in half the time? You still let me complain all week that my thighs hurt. Why on Earth can I not swing an axe or dig without squats hurting my thighs. What. The. Heck. 

Moving on...
The last 6 months have been amazing. The last year has been amazing. When we were friends, I never knew this existed. There are so many comparisons I could make to prove how great you are...but, end of the day? Your greatness isn't in comparison to everyone else. #1- It's in comparison to everyone else. #2-  There isn't any comparison because you are fantastically amazing & wonderful.

As good as I am with words (hence why I always win arguments) I'm not nearly as good at feelings. Please continue to read my mind (maybe less with the negative/crazy) and realize how much I love you. Even when I'm a jerk, remember that my little dance means that I can't wait to kiss you. The lines in my face (you know the ones, between the brows) don't always mean I'm angry...or that you're crazy. Sometimes they mean both. Sometimes they mean I'm just joking you. Speaking of those eyebrows, thanks for telling me I'm pretty even when they're going from the larvae stage to full-blown caterpillar because I've spent my "free" money for the month and don't have enough for waxing. 

Thanks for wanting babies. Sorry I'm not quite there yet. Honestly, you make it hard not to be. You're the greatest husband I could've dreamed up and you will be THE greatest father on the face of the planet. Of. All. Time. 

Thanks for dealing with the crazy: the work crazy, the messy-house crazy, the Jesus-crises crazy, the emotional crazy, the cat-grief crazy, the people-grief crazy, the I-hate-showering-on-a-daily-basis crazy. Also- all the other crap you deal with is pretty impressive. One more thing, thanks for playing it cool whenever I have a new idea for the house (like re-painting the living room we painted not-too-long ago, repainting the *intense* kitchen, re-decorating any/all rooms, getting rid of your nightstand/lamp before we bought a new one (yup, that's today) and knowing what I need EVERY DAY of our life together.

We may only be halfway to a year, but instead of halfway meaning "so much more ahead", I'm glad to say that halfway means, "not enough time in the world ahead". 

I love you.
wifey. xoxoxoxoxo --these are an IOU 

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  1. love your blog and love you two as a couple- I cannot tell you the joy it has brought me over the last bit of time to watch the two of you together and see you develop into the couple you are today. You are the stuff of fairy tales.