Thursday, December 10, 2009


So my children are full of exciting knowledge. We've recently discusse da lot of things they've never seen before. They also (apparently) are very worldly and watch the news on a regular basis. Anyway, 63 days in I still love and adore them and one asked me today if I'd be in 2nd grade when he went too. Adorable. So here are a few little things that have happened in the last 2 weeks...

1. First thing in the morning, 9 a.m. or so...a child is writing down spelling words and then stands up and shouts, "MS. HAVENS! I heard this on the news..."..."Yes?"..."A BOY NAMED TIGER WOODS CHEATED WITH HIS WIFE?!"...a few subtleties were lost in translation. Hah. But at least he knows what's on the real news? Which brings me to my real issue...WHY IS THAT ON THE NIGHTLY NEWS ALL THE TIME?!

Anyway, moving on...We talked about when it was good to be quiet and when it was good to make noise. One girl raises her hand and says..."It's good to be quiet when your mom tells you to stop crying and be quiet. And then you keep throwing a fit and she yells at you and says if you don't be quiet you're never leaving your room again." Times like these I don't wonder why my kids have no constructive discipline.

Another kid said..."It's good to stay quiet when you're camping because you don't want to wake up any animals." So I said, "You're wouldn't be good to wake up a bear." and a 2nd child whispers..."or a rhino..." WHERE ARE YOU CAMPING?! now for two stories about my favorite kid ever. First of all, my darling went to the Smithsonian yesterday in D.C. and skipped school. He told me he had a great time but...(and this is where I love that little kids have no filter)..."We had some trouble when we were leaving. See my stepdad wouldn't listen to my mom about how to we had some 'problems'." I'm sure his parents appreciate that little window into their personal life. Also, we discovered a woodpecker outside of our window last week and we took pictures because they've never seen one before. apparently the bird came back because the kid runs over to me and yells, "MS. HAVENS! I SEE A PECKER OUT THERE!!!!!"

I love them. :)

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  1. Incredible. It almost makes me want to teach elementary a little :-)