Monday, November 9, 2009

ohhhh baby children

So today I didn't have children. I got to think about lots of fun things from my kiddos lately. I found notes about them that I've written. Apparently...we talked about truckers recently. I do remember this, it's not apparent, I guess. So I asked the kids what kind of trucks you'd like to ride in...and they told me: dump trucks, fire trucks, ice cream trucks (my personal favorite)...and then...bump trucks. Ok. I said...dump trucks? No. Bump trucks. Ummm ok? So. Apparently...a bump truck is a truck that goes up and down in the back. WHAT?! I love these kids...and their social exposure.

So...the adorable story of the day. A little girl...who's since moved came up to me one day while we were packing up and asked me, "Ms. Havens, what's young?" And I replied, "Sweetheart, what are you talking about?" So she went on to say..."I need to know what young is." and so I tried to say, "Well...there's young and old..." and she said..."No...I mean, is it 6 or 7?" and I said, "6 or 7?" and she said, " said 'young ladies pack up your bookbags.' Does that mean 6 or 7?" Oohhhhh children who don't know what "young ladies" are...I love you. And I actually miss a child who moved. :)

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