Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the tooth fairy is on a 2-week pay cycle.

So, I'm sitting in class yesterday and a kid comes RUNNING up to me.

Backstory: On Friday, two children had teeth so loose that they were bleeding all afternoon. Seriously, blood all over their hands all afternoon because they could not STOP wiggling their teeth with their fingers. Ew. Seriously. Ew.
I basically told them that if it wasn't out by Monday I'd pull it out myself. So Monday morning they both have their teeth out and are constantly telling me that we need to update the "tooth chart" so we can put tallies for their teeth lost in October.

Back to Tuesday morning...

We forgot to do the calendar on Monday because things were out of the little boy comes up to me and says, "Ms. Havens, ya know that tooth I lost? Well it's in a drawer at home." To which I cautiously reply..."whyyyy?" and he says, "Well, it's in the drawer because my mom *and the tooth fairy* don't get paid until Thursday so I can't get the money yet."

#1- Why do you give your kids so much money that you don't have it until payday?
#2- Why does your kid believe that the tooth fairy is paid on your pay cycle? '

Holy crap. I may never have kids.

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