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Biggest Day Ever [The Day I Re-Met John & Sherry]

Kidding. Maybe not the biggest day of my life. But, I was really excited. 

Sidenote: Yes, this is two months late, but- better late than never, right?

So, as many, many people know, John and Sherry from younghouselove were doing a book tour this fall. First of all, their book came out and I got it for my birthday (awesome). Second of all, they had a Richmond and DC tour date stop. Yes, I was willing to drive between 1 and 3 hours. Of course I was. The drawback? Both of those events cost money. Mind you, they were for AMAZING things, but one was a weeknight and the other event had more expensive tickets. Lucky for me, John & Sherry are always considerate of their readership and their hometown. They really wanted to have a free signing for local readers and a few weeks later, they announced one on December 2nd! Pumped is not the word to describe how I felt, especially after my husband said I could go to Richmond, even though it meant missing church (thanks, honey)!

Anyhow, their event was at Mongrel, a superamazingawesome local card/gift shop. I had never been to Mongrel before, only to a few other shops in Carytown and it made me want to buy everything in sight. They had super cute gnomes, a-MAY-zing cards (I love cards & stationary), and were super personable when we showed up.

Mongrel offered to open up at 10 a.m. for the 1-3 p.m. signing. I showed up at 10. I was really nervous. So many other blogs had said that they waited for hours and that the line formed hours beforehand. Best part? I walked up to the door of Mongrel at 9:59 to see if they were open and walked INTO the door because it was still closed. Classy. Started the day off with a bang. 

As I stood there, on the phone with my sister so I didn't look creepy(er), a lovely girl walked up and asked if I was there for the book signing. Her name is Kelsey and she does cooler things than I read her blog. Around that time walked up another lovely girl named Heidi who is an amazing photographer (seriously, check her out). She actually had a photo that ended up on YHL's blog in a post about Richmond. She's really. freaking. awesome. Soon after, another friend joined the fold (hi, Emily!) and we camped out to sit on the sidewalk for...3 hours. Luckily, it was a pretty nice December day and we didn't get too hot or too cold (just had some stiff butts). Actually, Heidi was a GENIUS and brought a folding chair. Genius. I kid you not. 

Anyway, we flipped through our books and talked about ourselves for about 3 hours. It was awesome. They were the greatest line-mates I could've asked for and we coined ourselves "The First Four". Since we were there so early, we were *technically* ahead of the line-forming. I was also ahead of the "Line Forms Here" sign. I felt a little pathetic being so eager...but, my 3 line-mates were just as eager and Heidi told us that she secretly waited in her car before she saw us walk up. Clearly, we were all meant to be. Haha. 

View from the bottom...well, from the sidewalk where I was sitting. 

I really love these trees. I feel like they're not impossible to DIY...maybe next Christmas. Maybe, at this rate, I should start attempting to make them in August.

 They're going to be here TODAY!

The line started forming and the guy at the NY Deli was super funny & entertained by the line of women forming outside of the restaurant. Also, he did not give us free food. Not cool.

Kelsey was officially the first in line. I was too eager. This is how you know I'm not at all cool. 

Lovely line-mates! :) [Kelsey, Emily, Heidi]

Ya know, just Heidi being a genius, sitting in a chair.

Heidi was the best and took my picture...cheesing like a dork because I was SO EXCITED.

 So, they agreed to start the signing a few minutes early- we didn't squeal, but I think we really wanted to. We went in...and there were people getting their book signed?! What?! We were the First Four?! Clearly, they didn't hear, but the bitterness was overwhelmed by my concern that I was going to say something stupid. Have you ever thought "This could be really awkward so, play it cool," and then you completely blow it anyway? Yup. That was me. Some of you may have read about the last time I met John & Sherry. It was...less than graceful. Then, through their blog, I found out that John & I share a birthday and we both played french horn in school. Via blog comments, we agreed NOT to talk about "The Incident". Then I got there and they said, "Nice to meet you," and I said, "Well, technically we've met before." SLKJFS:LKDJF JESSICA! WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING?! You had a chance to START FRESH. My husband thinks that being their Most Awkward Fan is my version of winning a Dundie. He's right.

As usual, they were unbelievably gracious, remembered The Incident and laughed as though they didn't think I was crazy. I brought them a few cookies since this wasn't a signing that provided snacks. Hopefully my "bathroom humor" didn't keep them from eating the cookies. If so, my husband might never forgive me for taking cookies from him- hah. Then again, who takes cookies from a stranger? Particularly, a creepy stranger who talks about pee. [Who am I?]

This was about the time that John said, "It's OK- now we really do have other things to talk about and it doesn't have to be awkward that next time. Then Sherry said, "Oh..." and handed him the book. I may or may not have let out a guffaw when I saw what she had written.

 Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha- so fitting. Just. So fitting. #keepawkwardnessalive

A shot of the First Four! 

Cute Heidi, after giving them a beautiful photo of her skyline that they used in their blog. It was super sweet.

  At this point, I was starving. Heidi recommended Dixie Donuts in the same block...and she was right. I ate two donuts and was happy as a clam...that eats donuts.

Then, it was time to be on my way back. I snapped a quick shot of the block (Mongrel is on the left...bright blue and red) and the line that was still forming.

It was, all in all, a super fun day. Thank you SO much to John & Sherry for endless hours of inspiration, DIY ideas, and the openness to admit when they haven't done something before and still encourage us readers to try new things.

Biggest thanks to Heidi, Emily, and Kelsey for making me feel like either a) I am not stalkerish for knowing so much about John & Sherry or, b) you're equally stalkerish. I couldn't be in better company!

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