Thursday, July 5, 2012

Light Bright

I wish this were about a Lite Brite, but it's not. That being said, I'm planning to resurrect mine and bring on some new designs here in the future. Wouldn't that be fun for like a "welcome" at a party or something? (The answer is yes. Always yes. Anything about 80s-90s toys=YES.)

Back to the point. We have an ugly brass light fixture in our entryway. However, it's between our downstairs bedroom door, our coat closet door, and our front door. I thought of an outdoor sconce like Jenna's, but we couldn't find one that we thought would mesh well with what we already have happening in the room. Of course, things they are a-changin' here, but for now, it didn't work. We needed something that was flush mount (even though I love the pretty pendants) and then John & Sherry at YHL found their boy, Alan at IKEA. We happen to live one hour further from the same IKEA, but my mom lives one hour closer. We went up to visit for my beloved grandfather's 85th birthday and, badabing-badaboom- IKEA TRIP! 

We got the smaller version of the light, (found here) because it's a small hallway-like space. 

Home we came and now, 3 days later, we tackled the light. For my husband's sake, I should mention that we started turning off power from the fuse box at 11:30 at night. Yes, it was hard to see. No, we didn't turn it off to the entire house because I am a mean task-masker and super risque. hah. No, we did not get electrocuted. Yes, I do get a second wind during the evening hours.

Now that you know how disorganized I am when it comes to doing things in my house at reasonable times, cue Sassy Brassy (our old light fixture.

OK, so she's really "Antiquey-Brassy" but that sounds ridiculous.

We had to score around the light...I may or may not have painted it to the ceiling.
Also, Old Navy ringer tees are all the rage...if it's 2003.

The source of our frustration...before we even knew it.
 She was sad, a little painted on (nothing a little scraping and some spray paint wouldn't fix), and generally not our style for this particular space. I haven't decided if we'll send her to the ReStore or if we'll save her for another place in our home. She came with the house and she's served us well for 8 years, but it was her time to rest. 

We took her down (super easily and joyfully) and got to work on Alang...we'll call ours A.J. because he's the smaller version. Problems started with the original plate that hooks into the light box. Our plate was slightly smaller than the screw holes in the light box. It took an hour or so, some different screws, some needle-nose pliers/wire cutters, a screwdriver, our roommate's cell phone flashlight (for every time we dropped a screw), and upper body strength I don't have. Finally, it was finished. 
The things sticking out of the white "box" part are the magnet wands. They are serious. I'm afraid we'll break it when we have to change lightbulbs. Fingers crossed the CFLs stay working...for 7 years.

We followed the rest of the picture directions (zip ties- ingenius) and, voila! A.J. was born on our ceiling! :) I kinda love him. he casts a nice glow and it seems brighter than our old light already. Sorry, Sassy Brassy, maybe next time. 

This is the best picture I can find of the finished product. It shows the whole little area and the best distribution of light. We did take the shade off (strong magnets, for real) and turn it so the seam isn't visible from the majority of the living room. We also fought a magnet wand. It was a tough night.

Sidenote: We did use a little duct tape for making sure one of our magnets would stay closer to the ceiling (the shade is held to the fixture by magnet arms) because our light box isn't as flush as we would've liked due to the light plate issue. I may or may not have taken a remaining piece of duct tape and used it as "eye black" for underneath my left eye. That may  or may not have encouraged a TLC medley and some Nelly. I'm a sucker for 90s and 2000s rap/pop. We also had an argument about the documentary from VH1 that told the world about Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Needless to say, we'll be watching that the next time it comes on (duh).

Now, come on over and see our new light in person! :) One day we may even have a guest room! Thanks for visiting our little hole in the wall (or ceiling)!


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