Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spring broke.

This is how I have felt about the first 4 days of my illustrious spring break...yup. Basically, I had tons of excitement planned for my break. By excitement, I mean nothing-ness: cleaning, organizing, getting ready to yard sale, reading a book (or 4), seeing Mama, going through some of my grandparents' amazing antique items and figuring out what we could take...etc.

Friday, I got a call from Mom. My dear, sweet, wonderful cat is extra super duper sick. We had him taken in for surgery twice in the last few weeks for a big tumor-ish spot on his neck. After the first surgery, he felt GREAT. He was skipping around like a much younger (and smaller) cat- he weighs 26 pounds. We noticed he had lost some weight...and then after the second surgery he stopped eating/drinking. Besides that the cat is HUGE, he LOVES to drink water. I mean, he'll come in, drink for 30 seconds...walk out for 10...come back in for 30 more seconds and drink tons and tons of water. I saw him a month ago, after his first surgery, and I brushed him, petted him, used him as a pillow (he liked it, trust me), and was SO glad to see him feeling better. Mom had been telling me since the second surgery, two weeks ago, that he wasn't looking so great. Well, I went up there (as planned) on Sunday and...he was not doing so hot. My poor baby had lost tons of weight. It was. Awful. I mean, awful. That's my baby cat, ya know? 

We decided to take him to the vet and have him "put to sleep" on Monday. The vet confirmed everything we saw...he was already gone and just hanging on for us. He was already down to 16 lbs. It was heartbreaking. That's a lot of guilt, by the way. This poor cat knows that we're SO SAD that he's hanging on for us. God bless him. He was so calm/lethargic that they didn't even sedate him...they just came in and gave him his shot. He was looking at us as he relaxed. It was one of the worst things ever. Stupid pets. They really suck you in. 

Needless to say, I've been a mess for two days. I never thought I'd be this big a mess. I do better with real life tragedies than I do with losing my pet. We'd never had a pet that long before, I guess. My sweet Gimmel outlasted half of middle school, all of high school, a second cat, countless boyfriends, and endless drama. He was the best. We buried him Monday- also, one of the worst things ever- and I just can't get past the sad. I kinda feel like it'd be better to be at school. Either way, not the way I wanted to start my spring break. 

 Next up: headache. WHAT THE WHAT?! I had THE worst headache I've had in a long time on Tuesday. Tell me why this is the crappiest spring break ever?! I got through it. A lot of sleep helped.! Hooray for Wednesday! Disclaimer: I thought it was Tuesday when I woke up- stupid trips on Sunday/Monday throwing me off track. 

So. Now some goals for spring break: 

-finish laundry
-wash some dust off of our cool new antiques (LOVE my Memaw & Pa)
-work on the closets & living room

Day off with my husband! Hooray!
- finish living room!!!!!! (#1 priority!)
- get yard sale stuff cleaned off
- finish closets/upstairs for Jess :) 
- groceries. we should eat soon.
- Craigslist yardsale ad 
- make signs!

- breakfast with one of my favorite families
- finish yard sale set-up
- meet other yard-salers (made that word up) to get stuff
- put a few non-yard-sale items on Craigslist
- get the house cleaned up & ready 
- get last minute yard sale items & price everything
- pick up tables

I think that's it...? I really need to thoroughly clean things once everything's all gone hopefully I'll be able to clean some bathrooms and stuff too. Also- it'd be great to be READY for school on Monday and maybe even planned ahead? The weekend looks to be busy too. PLEASE pray for me accomplishing my goals FOR ONCE in my life. :)

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