Monday, June 21, 2010

Well well...when it rains it pours. That apparently is the case with life events and my blogging. I get behind, I stop blogging, I read books (or don't) and then it all catches up at once. This is a normal old blog post in case you subscribe in a reader (which I assume you don't, but it boosts my confidence to dream)...but there's nothing fun and literary. Not even pictures.

I know. I suck.

Last week was my last week of school. Yes. I cried. 

In fact, that may not even being to describe it. Wednesday went a little like this...get kids settled, FIRE DRILL @ 9:25 (not a drill, actually, a kitchen sensor went off and we had to evacuate...with parents in the building for an awards assembly), rush kids back in the building to start the 9:30 awards assembly, get them seated and realize that my awards are in the wrong order, squat in the floor putting them in the right order, get called up right after that, and get ready to present awards...oh, and I forgot to mention, get an email that leaves me hanging so I'm freaking out until I find out what it's about...awesome. Have I mentioned patience is not a virtue I possess? 

That brings me to presenting my awards. I love crowds. I also hate crowds. When I have to speak in front of parents/colleagues/administrators, I have a serious fear that I sound/look 12 years old and they think I'm an idiot. So, I start presenting my awards and thank all of my amazing parents/grandparents/students and then I get emotional and my throat closes up and my eyes water. *cue voice in my head* No, Jessica. Not right now. You have to stop looking like a wuss.*

Deep breath. Get it together. 

OK. Keep reading awards...finish assembly. Victory?

No. We got back to the classroom where I presented superlative-type awards based on talents that may not be academic/data-based. I had amazing kids (in case you didn't notice) who were silly, creative, artistic, athletic, sensitive, caring, and full of knowledge. I gave awards accordingly. So...all of the parents come in and stand near their child or in the back of the room. The kids are eager to know what other awards they're getting (they'd already received at least 2) and then the tears pour (yes, I used bold, italic, and underline--it was that bad) down my face. I tried to thank them for sharing their kids. I tried to talk about how great their kids were and how much I love them. I lost the battle. I actually asked them to give me a second because (oh yeah, my contacts completely disintegrated and I was wearing my glasses) I couldn't read the names/titles on the certificates. 


To make things more good friend Jess called me asking if I had a place to stay because she needed to move out of her current housing and find a place until August 1st. Now, many of you may not know Jess but, she's awesome so it is super exciting to have her staying with me for 6 weeks. Many of you may not know me well but, I'm super broke, so the extra money helps. Yeah, yeah. I'm not a good enough person to let people stay rent free. Also, Jess is too wonderful not to offer. I tell ya, she rocks. Anyway, I've known Jess for years and it's super fun  to have someone else around. The cats LOVE it. Seriously, I'll take pictures of Cricket being INSANE because he loves having the attention of someone new. It's hilarious.

Also, my dear friend Brice and his lovely girlfriend, Emily were coming to stay for a wedding they were going to this past weekend...and I got way behind when packing up for the school year so I had to stay and pack things (still not finished) in my classroom that I hadn't thought I would pack. 3 days I rearranged my shed, cleared out the guest room (don't look in my office), cleaned the bathroom, moved furniture, and packed up almost all of my classroom. Then I had 3 new people in my house (which was super fun), still had a boyfriend with poison ivy (finally clearing up after more than a week, poor guy-- did I mention my yard looks good?), and- oh right- took him home to meet my entire family. Then my stomach started killing me like it hasn't done in two months. As I drove back from Spotsylvania last night I casually mentioned to him that, oh yeah, my doctor said I shouldn't stress because it might flare up my stomach. Oops. 

Super upsides of the weekend: amazing company, a great new roommate, healing poison ivy, and getting to see two of my ADORABLE girls in a dance/gymnastics recital that they ROCKED! :-)

Anyway, today was the first day of summer. I went to two sessions that will take care of some professional development guilt that I had and tomorrow I'm going to pack the rest of my room. Wednesday? Beach? Obviously. 

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