Thursday, May 27, 2010

and you were all yellow

I'm about to tell you something shocking: yellow is my favorite color. I know. I know. Hold your surprise (at least those of you who know me on a regular basis). 

I wear yellow...a lot. Today, in fact, I have a yellow tank top under a gray shirt. Yesterday I wore a yellow button-down with white stripes...the day before I wore lime green with a yellow shirt...Monday I'm pretty sure I got covered...Sunday was yellow flip flops to church, you get the picture. Oh, and my new Tervis Tumbler that my boyfriend bought me for my half birthday? It has a yellow straw. It's a thing. I don't know why I started loving it so much, but I do.
Two weeks ago over on youcapture the assignment was "yellow". Well, I suck at buying things in a timely manner and I had no more batteries. (Thanks to the suggest at greenissexy I bought reusable ones.) So I took picture of *everything* I could find that was yellow to highlight my obsession. 

Even though I didn't get it all done in time to post on Beth's blog, I had all of these pictures of deliciously yellow things on my camera and I needed to share it. It's a beautiful day today, but they're calling for rain this week/weekend. So, once you've gotten out of bed from your gorgeous rain-nap this weekend (seriously, rain naps are the best ever)...or perhaps, once you've pulled your laptop in bed with you during your rainy napping, take a look at the yellow goodness in my life (and please pardon the messiness of my room). 

Have a SUNNY Thursday! 
I have to highlight these Jessica Simpson shoes I got for $8 at Plato's Closet. And also my cat trying to keep me from putting away the laundry.
 Love Love LOVE this purse from NY & Co. last year.
This is my clock from Target that I got for $7 I think? It's going to be amazing in my kitchen once I repaint this summer...did I mention the kitchen will be yellow?
I've been known to like daisies from time to time, and this is the daisy basket my fabulous stepsister got me from Longaberger a few years ago. The buttery yellow center makes me wish it were summer all year long. 
This happens to be the trusty water bottle that I misplace on a regular basis in my classroom. My kids 100% associate me with this water bottle and also are *amazing* at finding it when I seem to have "lost" it...daily.
I know, I's not oriented properly...but it's my favorite yellow t-shirt and it's all about being it has a panda bear on it. :) benefited the WWF (World Widelife Foundation...not World Wrestling Federation) when I bought it. *cough* mom bought it *cough*.

 No seriously, how could I hate being in the kitchen with these guys keeping me company.

My kitchen is a fun place. Favorite cup w/ built-in straw and lemony-delicious hand soap. Seriously, nothing says kitchen soap like the scent of lemon. Also, magnets on the fridge...never been used...happen to say "love liquor awesome"...not denying it.

I love yellow trash cans. It's no secret. I also love yellow tulips. They were for Mother's Day from my stepdad...just to ensure that one day I would be a mother? Not really sure. Just loved having them in my room. :)

Conveniently this all took place while I was fruitlessly laboring to get my clothes put I threw a few shoes on top (and apparently a cat) and displayed my yellow-loving wardrobe to the world. There are 2 robes, 3 dresses, 5 shirts, 4 pairs of shoes, a scarf, and a hoodie in that pile...maybe more.

What's your favorite color? :)


  1. Yellow is one of my favorite colors too! Hard for me to wear tho :( Purple looks great on me and its been my favorite since I was... ummm 3?

    Oh and I love the DUCKIES :D

  2. I used to dye my hair bright blonde and felt yellow clashed, but now that I'm going natural I like wearing yellow a lot too, it just makes you feel good!

  3. jessin,
    i can NOT believe you did a whole blog about yellow and DID NOT INCLUDE the Bye Bye Birdie shirt. if it's in that pile----WHAT THE HECK???
    it should have its own photo.

    ps i didn't know you had a blog- but i like it. xoxo