Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My resolutions are as follows, and I quote (Grinch song reference):

1- blog more...I mean, could I blog less? Yes, I could blog every 12 months instead of almost every 6. But truly, I miss it...and our house looks TOTALLY different, which my darling best friend pointed out. So, I have to get on it. 

2- Complete to-do lists. 

3- Not make any more "year-long" resolutions, but keep setting goals and trying to achieve them a little at a time, a la #2.

Our current to-do list which you can hopefully look forward to shortly...no, you CAN look forward to shortly: 

-finish painting frame and hang (FREE!) mirror...and blog about it
-finish bottom floating shelf with wine glass holders...and blog about it
-finish floor transitions (install upstairs & return crappy downstairs ones and buy the correct ones)...and blog about it
-vacuum the rug (before I blog about anything in the living room with pictures)
-put away all of the Christmas gifts and clean up!
-blog about the "new" living room

OK. That's MORE than enough for this week. I hope to check back in and for the 31 one of you followers who may or may not still read this: thank you. I truly hope to keep people posted better in the new year! Let's do this, 2013! :)

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