Monday, May 3, 2010

aaaanother one.

I finished another book! This week I finished Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. This is another hit by Delinsky. In fact, this is probably more my favorite than some of the earlier ones. So far, my favorites are Not My Daughter and Family Tree. These two have been about more complex family issues...not just secrets, but things people discover about themselves and have to work through.

This last book was, in my humble opinion, a good look at race and the repercussions of race on people's lives. It was about an upper-class white family that learns they have the skeleton of an affair hiding in their wood-paneled closet. Their skeleton happens to be an affair with a man who is half African-American. As a result, the mixed-race man's illegitimate son has a granddaughter that turns up with coppery skin. She's beautiful...but comes from two "lily white" parents. The way that they feel after learning that they have African-American heritage, not to mention the impact it has on their careers, is surprisingly real. I felt comforted by the fact that they had realistic feelings about the situation and its repercussions in their life.

You should check this chick out. Also...I have so much more to read. Every time I look at books online I find more authors and more amazing covers. Book covers suck me in EVERY TIME. 

Anyway, here goes! :) 


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